Student Government and Non-Profit Team Up in Early Voting Campain

By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor | Photo By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

The Executive Council of Students and New Mexico Public Interest Research Group have teamed up to encourage students to vote early, said Criminal Justice major and ECOS President Stephen Martos.

Early voting infor­mation is available to stu­dents until Nov. 3, said PIRG Campus Organizer Marisa Valdez.

“Early voting is convenient and easier because it shortens lines during the voting process,” said Martos.

Valdez said NM PIRG is a nonpartisan organization and the student chapters focus on public issues con­cerning students, then research the best ways to raise awareness and make changes.

NM PIRG’s Get Out the Vote campaign, which works to increase voting awareness, want sto get 13,000 students to vote early, said Valdez. Group representatives will be available at Main campus north of the Student Services Center with voting information, including early voting locations, every weekday through Nov. 2 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., she said. ­

Martos said that encour­aging students to vote in a nonpartisan way is valuable for student government, NM PIRG and the students, faculty and staff.

“It’s important to know that as students we need to make sure our voices are heard by the appropriate areas of gov­ernment and not just the col­lege,” said Martos.

He said he encourages everyone to vote because there are topics affect the commu­nity. The elections are not only about voting for candidates, but bonds and amendments as well, he said.

“Students need to know that the only way change can occur is if we remain vigi­lant in expressing ourselves,” he said. Valdez said many students have already volun­teered at the booth, includ­ing foreign students who cannot vote, but feel that it is an important enough issue to support the elections regard­less. In only four days she and the volunteers made contact with more than four hundred students, she said.

“CNM students are awe­some, they’re passionate and they’re out there,” she said.

ECOS members are looking forward to work­ing with NM PIRG, said Martos. He said ECOS hopes to inform as many students as possible about the importance of voting.

“This is your chance to be heard and to express yourself. It’s a right given to us since the inception of our country. Don’t be discouraged,” he said.

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