Dancing for credit:

By: Daniel Johnson, Staff Reporter | Photo By: Stefany Olivas

Student performance a ‘Thriller’

Students passing by the north side of the Student Resource Center on Main campus around noon on Halloween found themselves sur­rounded by costumed students break­ing into dance.

Part-time CHSS instructor Pamela Yenser and her English 1101 class conducted a flash mob dance performance of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for extra credit in her class.

“The students organized this event in the hopes of earning some extra credit,” said Yenser.

Students were initially offered 50 bonus points if they came to class in costume, said Yenser. The class instead asked if they could create a flash mob which focused on social networking, she said.

Exercise Science major Duane Yardmen-Frank said that with the study of social network­ing and Halloween, the class just wanted to see if they could do a little flash mob as an exercise to see it all in action.

The group agreed to record the flash mob and post it to Youtube in hopes of creating a viral video.

“If the video went viral I would give the students 100 points of extra credit, but if it does not they will still get the 50 points,” said Yenser.

Nursing major Julieanna Lucero said that credit for the idea belongs to the teacher.

“Mrs. Yenser really enjoys teaching interactively, she is not the kind of teacher that just has you read a book and learn that way,” she said.

Pharmacy major Isaac Real said that he was going to pro­mote the video to death because he not only loves to dance, he just really would like the extra credit.

“I am going to tell my friends and family, people who like me, people who don’t, people who like music and danc­ing and, of course, I am going to tweet about it every thirty min­utes for the next couple of days to get those points,” he said.

Accounting major Kristin Herrera said she was a little nervous about the whole thing, but it would still be a lot of fun.

“I think we will get a lot of people to watch us while we perform and then watch the video online,” she said.

Yenser said that even though she knows it might be all about the extra credit for the students, it is a great project.

“It got us involved with one another and working outside of the normal,” she said.

Biology major Sandra Lopez said it was an interesting performance.

“That’s a pretty cool way to get extra credit,” she said.

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