Operation comic drop

By: Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter

Student collects comic books, games for deployed troops

Political Science major Krisztina Greene said she is collecting comic books to send to US troops serving overseas.

Her program, Comics for Commandos, was created a year ago and benefits all branches of the mili­tary, she said. Local comic book store Kaboom Test Labs has allowed Greene to set up collection boxes at their east and westside locations, she said.

“I feel this is how I can still support the military in a positive way. If I can help them pass the time or make them smile, why not?” she said.

Comics for Commandos has sent out a total of eight boxes to service members stationed around the world, she said. The program will keep going for as long as the U.S. has a standing army, she said.

“As long as we have troops deployed, we’re going to keep doing it,” she said.

Greene said the idea came to her because her brother and many of her friends are former Marines.

“When they’re in these countries, they have a lot of down time. They are in these remote bases where they have nothing, no chow hall, no internet access,” she said.

They collect everything from comic books to popu­lar collectable strategy games like HeroClix to travel board games like Boggle, she said.

The group makes sure that the donations follow military morality guide­lines, she said.

“Some comic books, we actually have to look through and make sure there are no sexual acts or nudity. We try to keep it PG-13,” said Greene.

The program has been well received, both by sol­diers who receive boxes and civilians who request boxes for their deployed family members, she said.

Comics for Commandos does take requests and hopes that the word will spread to those troops in need.

“It’s been received so well. Immedi a tely when they open it they will send me a message and say ‘Oh my gosh this is the greatest thing, I can’t believe it,’” she said.

Greene will be at the eastside Kaboom Test Labs location on Sunday, Nov. 11, from noon to 4 p.m. in honor of Veterans Day to get the word out about the project, she said.

There will be donation boxes for items that will be mailed out in time for the holiday season and pens and paper for people to write encouraging letters to soldiers, she said.

“These guys are going to be away from their families. You don’t have to be financially involved, but be a part of it, be a part of something, just for them to have a nice card to read is enough,” she said.

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