Sun Cat Chit-Chat

By: Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter | Photos By: Stefany Olivas, Managing Editor

What is your plan for the zombie apocolypse?

Andre Lynch, Radiology

“Just be happy and be natural because I know I’m gonna be saved by God. I have a really good outlook on it.”

Carol Washburn, Elementary Education

“My plan? I really don’t think about that. I would find some place to hide and take my sister, she really wouldn’t like to be around zombies.”

Jasmine Carpenter, Nutrition and General Health

“I’m being really optimistic and I’m hoping that we’re not gonna have a zombie apocalypse, but worst-case scenario, I would hope that I could find some kind of underground bunker and get in with people who know what’s going on because I’m not very zombie savvy.”

Edem Adzokpa, Computer Science

“I think it would be fun to watch. I would jump on people. I would dress as a zombie with paint and everything all over my face and myself and just play along.”

Monique Garcia, Criminology

“I already have it planned out. The first thing I’m gonna do is go up to the mountains and get my friend because she is my best friend and I cannot survive it without her. I’m gonna go to Wal-Mart, raid it, take all the stuff, then go up to a cabin I have where we have some horses, some cattle and some chickens. We’ll just hide out there and eventually when the zombies come, my plan is to go to Santa Fe prison and camp out there.”

John Eichorn, Welding Certification

“Stock up on everything. I already have a lot of guns and I live in the North Valley and it’s pretty secluded.”

Anthony Mccomb, Multimedia

“I don’t really have a plan. Honestly, I don’t really know what I would do for the zombie apocalypse if it ever happened. Even though it sounds like it might be fun, I don’t know what I would do. I would probably try to fight back, I’d probably go hide in the mountains somewhere away form the city because thats usu­ally where all of the zombies are.”

Emily Martinez, Pre-Health Sciences

“My plan for the zombie apocalypse is to hide in my house and have treadmills all the way around it so they just keep walking. That’s my plan. I will find a way. Anyone who wants to come is fine, as long as you bring something — bring a treadmill.”

Sean Herrera, Business Administration

“I don’t know if you can call it a plan, but I would prob­ably do what Bill Murray did in Zombieland and dress up as a Zombie that way I don’t get attacked if I’m anywhere where there are zombies. I think I would go with something like that. And of course have guns and stuff just in case. I think strength is in numbers so it would be better if you had a group of people.”

Lester Joseph, Architectural Drafting Tech/ Engineering

“Run and hide and have as much ammo as you can to sur­vive the zombie apocalypse. I’d go with friends and family, the people that are important to me. I’d barricade them in one spot. We talked about it, we were thinking a prison yard because they can’t climb the walls. But you would have to bring extra ammo because it would suck if the guards had turned because they wear ammo and they wear bullet proof vests and riot suits.”

Valeria Pedroza, Liberal Arts

“I’d probably just let them kill me. I’d probably lock myself in, but if they came in I’d just let it happen.”

Joey Montoya, Liberal Arts

“Get as many guns and pos­sible and survive. I’d probably go to Cabela’s Sporting Goods in Phoenix, I’d use my 65’ GMC pickup truck to get out there. I’d pick up anybody on the side of the road that needed a ride and didn’t want to get eaten alive.”

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