DIY’s from the heart

By Shaya Rogers, Staff Reporter | Photos By Shaya Rogers

 While some people may enjoy diamond jewelry or other extravagant gifts, many prefer thoughtful, homemade presents from their loved ones. Here are a few simple DIY gifts that really say “I love you.”

Tissue Paper Flowers

These flowers can be made with one or several colors for a many-hued bouquet. These are easy to make, have a fun and creative look, and best of all, they will never die.


                        A pack of tissue paper


                        Straws or Wire (for stems)


Lay three pieces of tissue paper together and cut into six inch strips. Fold into one inch sections, accor­dion style, and tie in the middle to hold once the whole strip has been folded.

Cut the ends into an upside down V shape and start unfolding the tissue paper one piece at a time.

Dinner for Two

Forget the high-priced meals in over-packed fancy restaurants. Plan a meal at home for two. Get out a fancy table cloth (or nice white bed sheet in a pinch), light some candles and make a delicious meal with all the courses.

Homemade Cards

Everyone loves receiving a homemade card. Write something genuine on the inside so your Valentine knows it was made with love.


                        Construction Paper


                        Magazine Clippings

                        Tissue Paper



Fold paper, cut out shapes and glue together them together.

‘Fifty-two reasons why I love you’ Playing Cards

Transform a regular deck of playing cards into a personalized gift.


                        A deck of cards




                        Glue stick

From the magazines, cut out images that represent the reasons and glue each image to a separate playing card. Include an explanation on each card with a permanent marker.

When finished, there will be a full deck of cards with memories and sweet words.

The hardest part is finding 52 reasons to love someone.

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