Sun Cat Chit-Chat What is the worst way you have been dumped?

By Adriana Avila, Managing Editor | Photos by Jyllian Roach

 Jose David Mejia, Anthropology

 “Getting slapped and walked away. She just hit me and walked away and I still don’t know why. It was my first girlfriend.”

 Vanessa Montoya, Education

 “I got told he wanted to meet up with me to tell me something sweet. I met up with him and he dumped me. He said it was better for both of us.”

 Eileen Pino, Nursing

 “The worst way was through a text message and the worst thing is that I bumped into him 30 minutes later. It was awkward.”

 Roger Iglehart, Airgan Maintenance Tech

 “I caught my girlfriend at the time sleeping with my best friend on Valentine’s Day. So the only thing I like about Valentine’s is the Valentine’s Day Massacre.”

 Morgan Gangwar, Networking Engineering

 “With a paper airplane; it said ‘we’re done.’”

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