Editorial: CNM needs to clean up its act, or at least its pipes

Editorial By: The CNM Chronicle Editiorial Board

 CNM literally stinks. As stated in this week’s article “What’s the Smell?,” for about a year now several offices in the Student Services Center have dealt with an unbearable odor and it has taken longer to fix than it should.

People cannot work effi­ciently in that type of environ­ment. It is discomforting to walk into the SSC during the day.

Complaints have been sur­facing as much as the smell has and some of the complaints have been sitting around for more than six months, so why has it not been resolved quickly and properly?

The SSC is where most student resources are located and it is the main building at Main Campus.

As students, we would like to register for classes with ease and a clear nose or go into the Assessment Center and focus on the placement tests instead of smelling a noxious odor.

The environment where we work and where we interact makes a difference in how we perform.

It is embarrassing for stu­dents and staff to be a part of a school with an unkempt main building. Worst of all, it looks bad on the part of the admin­istration to have allowed the smell to linger as long as it has.

If there has been an issue with the drainage then, when was it first noticed, is should have been fixed.

The plan of calling a con­tractor if the smell continues sounds more productive than filling up five-gallon buckets of water daily and administration pouring it down the drains.

This time, we hope there will be less rolling up the sleeves and more action.

Employees and students do not deserve to spend their day breathing in a repugnant smell.

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