Letter To The Editor In Reponse To Volume 18, Issue 16 “Terminated instructor continues fight to clear record”

By Robert Anderson, Part-time CHSS instructor

 I think Dr. Steve Cormier, a 22-year veteran of our History Department is not the villain as he was present in the recent letter by Dr. Winograd.

Dr. Cormier was fired for supposedly being uncivil to a female faculty member.

But according to people at the Montoya campus cafeteria Dr. Cormier was calmly sit­ting watching a music performance when a female faculty member rushed in and aggres­sively took a guitar out of a musician’s hand abruptly stopping the performance and shocking everyone.

Dr. Cormier then went over and sepa­rated the female fac­ulty member, who was white, from further confronting the musi­cian who was black.

The performer had been singing proudly about labor and civil rights struggles. This has been his life-long passion as a black man in America.

Dr. Cormier actu­ally stopped what could have turned into a vio­lent confrontation with racial overtones.

It was said later the guitar was grabbed because the music was too loud, but no one else said that.

Near me was a table of white students who were being deliberately loud and rude as they tried to drown out the songs, but no one told them to stop.

And several years ago I was in this same cafeteria along with Dr. Winograd for a school-sponsored event when the music was far louder.

That seems to have been ok because the songs were not about social justice as they were this time.

Is it that certain things can be said on campus and some not?

Dr. Cormier is being smeared with incivility it seems to hide what looks to some like a racial attack by a faculty member on a guest to the campus.

The Chronicle should not be criticized for trying to get at the truth.

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