Letter to the Editor in Response to Vol. 18 Iss. 19 ‘Disturbance in SRC leads to arrest’

By Sally Moore, Terry Dominguez, Chioma Heim

 Featuring the article about the dis­turbance in the SRC as the lead for the Chronicle with the photograph of person who caused the chaos on the front page of the Chronicle was disturbing to us. Is it the Chronicle’s intent to publish pictures of students that act out at CNM? There is no question that this individual’s actions were potentially very harmful and certainly alarming given the fact that across the country students have been shot and killed.

How we respond to these circum­stances is central to our humanity. What we found compelling about your article was the description of the woman’s actions who confronted this student- her actions are a good example for us – we found her actions heroic as well!

It seems to us that in these times the manner in which we respond to violent behavior can move us toward resolution of violence or into fear. Publishing the offend­ing student’s picture on the front page of the Chronicle put the focus on the violent behavior rather than CNM’s response.

WE don’t know why this student behaved in the manner in which he did – and his removal from campus is essential at this time. However, it’s our hope that our response to violence will focus on how we handle that violence – not so much on the events of violence.

We would have preferred that this stu­dent’s picture was not featured on the front page – and we’d have preferred it not be published at all. If it is the Chronicle’s policy to publish pictures of campus offenders, then we would like to engage in a discus­sion about that policy.

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