Editorial: Congratulations to CNM

By The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

  The CNM Chronicle Publication Board would like to extend its con­gratulations to CNM, and specifi­cally to CNM Connect, for a job well done in becoming a finalist for an AACC award, as mentioned in “CNM finalist in excellence award for stu­dent success” in this week’s edition.

Being one of five finalists in an award for student success is a great honor, and we are proud that CNM has gone to such great lengths in cre­ating the CNM Connect program.

The employees of Connect work hard to help students both academi­cally and in their personal lives.

The staff in the Connect offices often has heavily booked schedules, yet always seems to make time for any student who needs assistance.

This program has helped many students find homes, get scholarships and much more, and the Editorial Board is very happy to see CNM and the program recognized for its work.

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