Organization opens assistance to homeless students

By Daniel Johnson, Investigative Reporter

 The New Day Youth and Family Services organization is introduc­ing a transitional living program for 17 to 21 year olds, said New Day Housing Continuum Director and Life Skills Academy Director Evone Zander.

To join the transi­tional living program, students are required to fill out a confiden­tial online application form at and attend the life skills academy for one month.

While in the appli­cation process, students can elect to stay at the group’s shelter and will work with a specialist to determine if they are classifiable as homeless, she said.

“Helping people while educating them to survive in the world today is our main goal,” said Zander.

Youth Empowerment and Transitional Living Specialist Randi Miller said the program can help anyone classified as homeless, includ­ing those staying in a shelter, those sleeping on a friend’s or family member’s couch, and, in some cases, those in an abusive or dangerous environment.

“The program is open to all individuals that need it, including people who might just be couch surfing at a friend’s house, because a lot of people who are homeless do not con­sider themselves home­less,” she said.

Zander said that those in the program are required to attend life skills classes, which range from safe sex to financial literacy.

While the pro­gram is free to those who qualify, there are enforced rules and guidelines. People not in the program cannot visit clients, and a zero-tol­erance policy on drugs and alcohol is enforced, she said.

“Clients must follow program guidelines and understand we are offering help, but not offering a spot to live a party lifestyle”, she said.

Zander said there are six apartments cur­rently in use that can house 15 people until the group’s new shel­ter is completed in September 2013.

New Day Youth and Family Services also provide clinical prac­tices, case management, youth crisis shelters and a detention diversion program for high school students, she said.

“We have a phenom­enal team of people that work at our agency and this is a great opportunity to give support to people who are struggling and need stability in their life to move forward, we want to make the positive pos­sible with every individual we help,” said Zander.

Miller said she knows that some may find it hard or scary to ask for help, but that helping is what the organization was created to do.

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  1. This is Randi Miller speaking for New Day Youth and Family Services. While we really appreciate The Chronicle’s willingness to publish this piece about our new program, I would like to provide a couple corrections to this article:
    1. The residents living in our Independent Living Program are allowed visitors from whomever they would like, so long as they are not creating a destructive environment.
    2. There will be 15 Independent Living apartments serving 15 clients, so that would be one resident per apartment.
    Thank you so much

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