President of CNM Dr. Kathie Winograd’s statement to the Publication Board concerning the CNM Chronicle

Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 1:36 PM

Dear Colleagues:

 I am providing you the comments I made to the CNM Chronicle Publication Board at 1:00 p.m. today:

 Hello everybody. First, I want to give these newspapers back to the Chronicle staff. We have some more around the college and we’ll get as many back to you as possible.

The reason that we pulled this issue from the news-racks around campus was that a High School student was included in this issue and we needed to check on the legal ramifications of information on a minor in a publication of the college.

 I believe as a College we have failed to provide the CNM Chronicle with the level of editorial resources and education that it needs and deserves. I hope that in today’s Publication Board meeting, the Board will discuss ways the college can provide you a better educational experience through your participation with the CNM Chronicle. We encourage you to bring our community partners here today to the table to assist us in creating a positive situation moving forward.

 I am authorizing the CNM Chronicle to continue operations immediately.

 I hope that the Publication Board will discuss ways to move forward to create a more positive educational environment and look forward to hearing from the Publication Board regarding the outcomes of the discussion.

 Good Bye.

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  1. My colleges newspaper, posted an opinion piece about this as a first amendment issue, Does the CNM feel like it was that sort of issue, or rather just bad communication on the reason why?

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