The good, the bad and all the rest

What Facebookers had to say about the sex issue

Stephanie Acg

 It was really disappointing to see the administration jump off the deep end about a topic that should be talked about and yet isn’t. I’m glad they reinstated the paper, but their inconsistent statements as to why leave no doubt in my mind as to their intent. One can only hope that in the future they will consider the students’ reactions and legal ramifications of trying to suppress The Chronicle. Unfortunately, I think that this is going to drive them to harsher scrutiny of the paper. We all know that they have been left uncomfortable on numer­ous occasions when the paper has published informa­tion regarding the actions of the administration. The Cormier case is one good example of that. Either way, as long as I am a student at CNM, I will support the Chronicle in its efforts. great job keeping your heads together through this!

 Ty Knight

 Sex toys? That probably helped drive the nail.

 Ty Knight

Sex toys are not “a topic that should be talked about but isn’t”.

 Ty Knight

And legal ramifications? Who actually owns the paper? The employees? CNM can shut it down whenever they want, it’s theirs. I understand writ­ing about a popular social contention, but sex toys were unnecessary and aspects of the issue like that one were probably the hinge, not homosexuality vs hetero or concepts of gender identification.

 Susana Maria Rodriguez

 Why shouldn’t sex toys be talked about? Many people use them and they can actually be a big part of overall sexual health for some. There’s no point in pretending that something many people use doesn’t exist just because they make some people uncomfortable.

 Ty Knight

 Also, as a disclaimer, I’m not offended by the con­tent of the issue. I can just see why some aspects of it were taken offensively, and probably seen as uti­lizing topics for shock value (sex toys, and perhaps the bdsm portion).

  Ty Knight

 Who is pretending they don’t exist? That’s fine, write about them. But to pretend it’s a crime against humanity and the public to pull sex toy advice from an academic newspaper is a bit over­board. I wasn’t offended, just offering an alternate opinion. Sex toys are not even remotely an impor­tant social issue, this is 2013, after all.

 Ty Knight

 Gay marriage? Sure. Gender identity? Sure. Differences in sex toys? That’s on a completely different level and I would think essentially unim­portant and generally unrelated to the questions of equality, etc.

 Susana Maria Rodriguez

 I think it’s really more about students want­ing that information and the Chronicle giving them what they want. It could also be about removing the stigma attached to sex toys and instead viewing them as a healthy part of sexuality. Also, a lot of people are into or curious about BDSM, and it’s prob­ably a good idea to educate people on how it can be done in a safe way. I don’t think it was an attempt to be shocking, it was trying to be educational. That edition of the newspa­per really didn’t say anything that my Human Sexuality class at CNM didn’t already say.

 Dawn Shores

 I agree with Stephanie Acg about the admin­istration being uncomfortable with the arti­cles the Chronicle has been doing. You guys are a thorn in thier collective side, as you should be. I really think the SEX issue was really just the excuse that they’ve been look­ing for to shut you guys down.I really doubt the administration holds Puritanical views on sexuality. I don’t care if they own the paper if they wanted a propaganda mill they never should have told you guys that you were working for a paper. We need a free student run paper to ensure that the real stories get told. Thanks to all of you at the Chronicle for being a true newspaper. Keep it up, please.

 Ty Knight

 Google, yo. If students want the info, rest assured they’ve already seen and read it. The Chronicle didn’t educate anyone on sex toys Also, what stigma? For anyone under 40, there is no stigma. Just go turn on your TV or internet box, you’ll see. Anyone interested in bdsm has already Googled it into the dirt. Also, I took that class and I don’t recall covering variations in sex toys, or the poten­tial safety of bdsm fetishes.

 Ty Knight

 Propaganda mill, haha. It’s not black and white, it’s not just “propaganda” and “not propaganda”. Some things are just useless, like articles in an academic newspaper about sex toys. If they want to write about sex toys, start a blog

 Ty Knight

 I don’t know about any of the other push­back they’ve received from the admin, so I can’t comment on that.

 Susana Maria Rodriguez

 I definitely remember those topics being cov­ered in human sexuality. but even if it is all just sensationalism, are sex toys and bdsm good enough reasons to suspend the publication?

 Ty Knight

 No, and that’s why it wasn’t

 Dawn Shores

 No it wasn’t a good reason. However Ty, it was indeed suspended

 Stephanie Acg

 Ty is wrong, I posted an article last night from a legal board that upholds what the paper and all of those supporting it have said. It is a newspaper therefore no matter who claims to “own” it, the students have the right to publish what they choose. Unless it is libelous, slander or outright lies. There have already been several cases that have gone before the Supreme Court for this exact situation (not the content of the paper, the actions of the admin against the paper) and they have upheld the rights of the papers. The students are what keep CNM running, without all of the financial aid, grants and student loans CNM would not retain enough students to continue operating. Have you seen the graduation and transfer rates for CNM? They only have a 17% graduation rate, most of these students could go to a different school and it would only hurt CNM not the students.

 Barney Lopez

 I support freedom of the press and I don’t think a news­paper should be censored. I think the issue discusses topics that are relevant to their audience. It was a brave issue that tried to cover subjects that most papers shy away from.

I think the writing and formatting could be better. Perhaps a half page of dildo pictures pushed it a little too far. The Chronicle should have turned the articles into a recurring column rather than an entire issue. It wouldn’t have pushed as many buttons at the same time and they would probably still be in print.

 Stefany Olivas

 Bureaucracy injustice has just hit HOME BASE!!! Literally, I am taking this one first degree personal (not that I don’t with others. ha.) As the former Managing Editor, I am upset that CNM Chronicle was just sus­pended… They released an issue based around sexuality awareness and CNM Administration pulled every paper from all shelves!! The issue examined several important issues in an informative way as well as pushing through a very thick wall of stigma surrounding sexuality… Leave a comment, read the issue and spread the word my ppl. My mind is so blown right now…

 Julia Bustamante

 I am sorry that you are gone.

 Nick Christian

 I wanted to take a moment to express my sadness that Administration has disbanded the CNM Chronicle. I also have issue with the release you issued earlier.

The CNM Chronicle changed my life. It introduced the passion of writing I had and provided me a place to develop it. For many of the students at your univer­sity this is their last chance. If things at CNM go poorly for them their life goes into a tailspin many people in the city are familiar with. I fear you are taking away an opportunity from students that could have destructive consequences.

My second issue is the release you gave out to the news organizations earlier. It was stated that the college does not have a journalism department and has not provided appropriate training for the newspaper employees to operate the paper. This is just flat out false. I know, for fact from experience, that the college provides the staff with every opportunity to attend conferences, work with competitive materials and gain experience from local journalists. To say that these students are not appro­priately trained, in the wake of an Associated Collegiate Press award – which is incredibly prestigious – is flat out ludicrous. Additionally, your website says you have a communications department.

 Scott Gagnon

 I would like to start by saying that I am thrilled the Chronicle is back in action. No matter the period of sus­pension, the administrations reaction to go on record stating that the paper would be disbanded until at least the summer term was shocking and very upsetting to not only the members of the newspaper, but those of us who are invested in the publication as well as the freedom of the press. College papers all over the country are being shut down for a multitude of reasons, lack of funding being one of the main components, which dramatically affects the future of print journalism at large. It is dis­appointing to me that the Chronicle is now gaining the attention it deserves as a credible news source because it published something that evoked huge controversy. It was wonderful to see the overwhelming support from the community and I hope CNM as well as surrounding communities use this opportunity to be more involved in media and journalism because it does matter.

 Rick Abraham

 I think you deserve the heat you are getting. As Chief Editor, you should have used more professionalism about this past week’s publication and you should have given equal “real-estate” to the other articles. You gave two-pages to LGBTs, a full page to BDSM and another full page on how to buy a dildo. You gave a much smaller real estate to abstinence and birth control. You used tax payer dollars to get YOUR message out, not the mes­sage of the community. And, you may still be liable to civil suit for allegedly contributing to a minor. This is not the Weekly Alibi. I hope everyone learned a lesson here, when mixing children with adults, use better judgment!

 Kim Wagner

 I don’t disagree. There were certainly portions I chose NOT to read. But that is the point. Everyone has a right to a voice. While the paper has such high interest, could you do an article on organ donation and being an organ donor? You could do a lot of good right now.

 Tom O’Connell

 Fight the good fight, Chronicle! I’m behind you 100%.

 David Lish

 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to peti­tion the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Censorship is thought control. The administrators that would interfere with the paper should be fired. we have enough spin in the mainstream media let the students print what they want. fight the good fight!

 Linda Slater

 What’s really sad is that the article about the upcoming student art show got totally lost in all the hoopla, and those students have worked very hard on their show.

 Adam Goldstein

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 Renee Garafola

 I had no problems with the content in the issue. I really liked the interview, it was interesting to read individual perspectives on sexuality. I had no problem with the sex toys either, it’s part of sexuality. As for the suspension, to me it is not about the length of time or whether their production was hindered, it’s about the administrators feeling they had the right to do what they did. It was wrong, and if they had bothered to do a simple Google search they would have done things much differently.

 Rudolfo Carrillo

 I am surprised that the CNM administration, especially the individual or individuals who made the initial deci­sion to censor and remove the paper, have not been called out for their unprofessional and embarrassing actions. What they did was ultimately embarrassing for the entire school and the community. Yet there has been no investigation about who knew what and when they knew it. I am sure the administrators involved are relieved at that, but really, heads should roll. Those people responsible for this debacle should be publicly identified and then investigated for malfeasance.

 Jim Multari

 I understand that censorship is wrong. However the disregard for who may see the paper should have been considered. I am a graduate and have seen many mothers and fathers with their children at the school be it 4 or 14. Seeing those children take a copy of the Chronicle was a normal thing. I do understand the need to discuss sex but the use of “toys” and an article on BDSM does not belong in a newspaper that at a school where some students are under the age of 18. Former Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart stated in a famous ruling about obsenity “”I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that short­hand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it…” It is the reason catalogs magazine and other materials are shipped or sold with wrapping obscuring the materials contained within. The editor in chief and staff should have put much more thought into what it was releasing before depositing it around the school. CNM leadership should have had the decency to be honest throughout the process and either said nothing or stuck to their guns when they pulled the article. I applaude administration for their original statement and acts and wish it had stayed in place.

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