Editorial: Thank you to part-time faculty

By: The CNM Chronicle Editorial Board

Part-time faculty members seem to be getting a raw deal here on campus.

As mentioned in this week’s front page story “Suvery say! Part-time instructors dissat­isfied with work condi­tions,” many of those community members feel undervalued and poorly treated.

What was not included in the story was a comment from one of the respondents: “I do this for the students, not the pay.”

After reading through the results of the 29-question survey, we can only assume that most part-time instruc­tors feel the same.

Instructors have little say in changes to their job, almost no job security and feel that they get no respect.

And yet, most of those who responded to the survey have been here for more than six years.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for putting up with what seem to be deplorable working conditions to continue teaching those who want to learn.

We hope that all of you receive the respect, pay and working condi­tions you deserve in the next contract.

Until then, remember that the students appreciate all of the things you do on their behalf.

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