Letter to the editor: In response to Volume 18, Issue 28 “Shooting Club: Allow students to carry

After reading “Shooting Club: Allow stu­dents to carry,” I felt com­pelled to write.

I honestly cannot fathom why students think they should be allowed to have weapons on campus. The rule is not a violation of anyone’s rights.

Colleges also have rights, and the school is perfectly within their rights to not allow weapons on campus. Or alcohol, or unruly behavior, or people who haven’t signed in with the visitors center.

This is a place of learning. Furthermore, what pos­sible benefit could students gain from bringing their guns to school?

If you start to answer that with “they might be able to shoot someone” please just stop there.

“I might have to shoot someone someday” is the worst argument I’ve heard for gun rights in general.

That argument makes it sound like the students who want to carry see themselves as distributors of vigilante justice and are fine with shooting some­one they view as a “bad guy” without compunction.

Does having a legal right to carry in public automati­cally make you trustworthy of making life and death deci­sions for the rest of us?

From a personal stand­point, it would not make me feel safer to have more guns on campus. I would feel much, much less safe.

So please, keep your holsters empty in class. Jess Evans


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