Campus Security: More than just badges

By: Daniel Montano, Staff Reporter

The first step to personal security for anyone, in any situation, begins with constant alertness, said CNM interim Director of Security Steve English.

While CNM’s Security department uses a number of approaches to maintain a safe environment, there are several guidelines everyone in the CNM community should follow to stop crime before it starts, English said.

“It’s important for anybody, in general, to be aware of their surrounding at all times,” he said.

Awareness can help to identify a potentially dangerous situation, but having a plan for those situations is also essential to remaining safe and secure, English said.

Keep the plan simple and stay committed to it in every situation, but keep in mind that if flight is an option, it is always the best option, he said.

It’s also important be aware of where the closest emergency telephone is, according to the latest campus safety report.

There are emergency ‘code blue’ telephone poles and yellow emergency call boxes placed across all campuses, English said.

“Both systems provide one button speed dialing for instant communication with campus security 24-7,” according to the report.

Campus security offers services that help to deal with potentially dangerous situations before they start, English said.

Anyone in the CNM community may request an escort from a security officer to and from anywhere on campus anytime, he said.

Security officers also offer motorist assistance, including attempting to get into locked out vehicles, English said.

“We also offer jump starts if someone is having trouble with their vehicle and has a dead battery, we’ll take care of it for you folks,” he said.

According to the latest campus safety report, incidents of theft have been steadily climbing over recent years. In 2008 there were 67 reported thefts across all campuses but in 2011 those numbers increased to 210, according to the report.

“Of course, theft happens everywhere, unfortunately. So again, be aware, use common sense; lock your vehicle, secure your personal belongings, don’t leave anything in the open, keep an eye on your personal items,” English said.

If a crime does occur it is important to remain calm and call the police/security with a description of the aggressor if available, need for medical assistance and the location of the crime as soon as it is safe to do so, according to the safety report.

Dialing 911 or ext. 3001 from any campus phone will ring security’s emergency dispatch line and the dispatcher will send security, police or any other needed emergency services, according to CNM’s security webpage.

For more information, visit cnm. edu/depts./security or call 224-3002.

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