Cool Summer Classes: Career Exploration

By: Rene Thompson, Editor-in-Chief

CNM’s adult and general education school offers career exploration support classes to help students gain knowledge about finding a career and how to acquire and retain employment, said Kenneth Chavez, chair of the College Success Experience Curriculum.

Discovering career opportunities can be tough and the class hopes to aid students after they have completed their degrees, he said.

“This course is designed to assist students through their career exploration and decision-making processes,” he said.

The four major self-assess ment areas explored in the class include, personal styles or characteristics, interests, and values and skills for self-understanding, he said.

“The career exploration course helps students chart their academic and career courses through the creation of an action plan,” he said.

Students will be able learn how to choose a career, or occupational opportunities related to their major, he said.

“Students will also explore how internships, cooperative work experiences and service learning can help with career decision-making,” Chavez said.

Some CSE classes are offered year-round, with some of the CSE classes also formatted for summer semester, he said.

Three credit CSE courses do require buying some text materials, but for some of the one credit courses the instructor will provide students with learning materials.

Other CSE classes offered range from Learning Strategies and Research Techniques, to College Survival and College Success. According to the CNM website, CSE courses numbered at 0999 or below are graded CR/NC, but CSE courses numbered 1000 and above can be taken for a letter grade, taken CR/NC, or audited.

Although the majority of CSE’s focus is providing students with the skills needed to survive and thrive in the college environment, students also have the opportunity to explore majors and careers offered through CNM’s occupational programs, Chavez said.

“Through this c omp r e h e n s i v e approach, we hope to provide students with the academic and employability skills needed for today’s demanding market,” he said.

For more information on CSE courses, contact Kenneth Chavez at kchavez65@ or by phone at 224-4000 Ext. 50211

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