Editorial: New Beginings

My name is Rene Thompson and as the new Editor-in-Chief I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and clarify the new direction of the Chronicle in the coming year. Our goals are to work with the CNM community in sharing views, opinions and ideas of how CNM can be a better place for everyone.

The Chronicle encourages our readers to give us feedback and let us know how you feel about our stories and the issues that really matter to you. Students faculty or staff who feel they might have a good idea or an issue they feel should be in the paper, please email us and let us know about it, because we want your feedback and ideas.

As employees of the Chronicle, we are all students learning the profession of journalism. In order for us to succeed, our focus will be in the best interest of students and faculty.

We want to move forward with a new perspective in helping to solve problems on campus and helping to make our school the best it can be.

The standards met at the paper have exceeded expectations, including winning third place in a national journalism competition, and this coming year we hope to go above and beyond in a whole new direction with our readers in mind.

We look forward to gaining feedback from you and we hope to make the Chronicle an even more important part of the CNM community.

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