Letter To The Editor; In Response to Volume 19, Issue 10 "Surprise! You've graduated"

Dear CNM Chronicle,
As a faculty member and President of the CNM Employees Union I want to congratulate you on the fine story written by Staff Reporter Jamison Wagner on the graduation issue in the July 23rd issue of the Chronicle. Once again the CNM Chronicle broke a story of great interest to the CNM community. As a faculty member I’m astonished that a student could be awarded two degrees and a certificate without her knowledge or consent. And that the college was able to award hundreds of degrees in this manner seems truly incredible. I look forward to hearing further information and explanation from our administration regarding this issue.

Last spring, in the wake of the administrative confiscation and subsequent return of the Chronicle’s “Sex” issue, there were calls for more editorial oversight for the CNM Chronicle. More ‘training’ was apparently needed for the reporters and staff, and the ‘independent’ status of the CNM Chronicle was called into question. I think Tuesday’s story and issue decisively settles the question of whether CNM needs an independent student newspaper or not. In any community that values freedom and transparency protecting the independence of the press is a crucial concern. I hope all faculty and staff at CNM will join me in supporting the journalistic efforts of the students at the CNM Chronicle so that we can preserve the valuable perspective that only an unfettered and spirited student newspaper can provide.

Viva la Chronicle!

Andy Tibble

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