Editorial; Issue 17 Volume 19

By CNM Chronicle Edi­torial Board

For students attending commu­nity college, sometimes student-life can feel more college and less community. The Communication, Humanities, and Social Science department is trying to change that by bringing the students and faculty together for a day of socializing, as mentioned in the article “Mix it up!” on page 2.

At CNM, there is a definite focus on the trades programs, while other areas of study are seemingly ignored. It can feel, at times, that the college just wants to get us out of here and into a four year col­lege. This event helps to put the CHSS areas of study back into the forefront of the college life, and put more emphasis on these types of degrees. Instructors want us to know that they are important and they do matter.

Often times we pick our majors because we are fascinated and truly engaged in all aspects of our study, but this is not always enough to get us through a dependable career. So, we try to avoid the dreaded ques­tion explored at the Thanksgiving dinner table: ‘What are you going to do with a degree like that?’

For a CHSS major, thinking about life after college can be dis­couraging; all around, others are focusing on degrees that seem to come with obvious career options and even the promise of a comfort­able paycheck.

The instructors donating their time and energy for this CHSS event are hoping to provide answers, or at least, to provide direction to the many questions students may have. Students will be given the oppor­tunity to get to know one another as well as members of the depart­ment, and be able to explore career options and expectations, which is crucial for success.

Not getting involved and making connections in college can be cause for regret. This CHSS event cre­ates a platform for encouragement and networking. Making friends who have similar interest makes the college experience that much more meaningful.

Choosing a degree can be nerve-wracking. It also takes some trial and error before you find a field to pursue, so attending this event can take away some of the stress. Hopefully, it will make a much easier time of getting a degree and planning a future.

Bravo to the faculty who has attended to the needs of the stu­dents and has decided that an event like this is not only important, but necessary. All students that attend CNM need to feel like their area of study matters, because if we do not feel it now, we probably will not feel very optimistic about our futures.

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