Job Connection Services offers workshops

By Stacie Armijo, Staff Reporter
Job Connection Services are offering workshops to help current students as well as graduates succeed in finding a job, which are held on Main and Montoya campuses, Beth Moreno-Perine, Career Center Advisor said.
Main campus workshops are at the student services center in room 207, and at Montoya campus workshops are held at Tom Wiley Hall in room 105, she said.
These workshop sessions for resume building and interview skills are offered every two weeks where students can learn valuable tips regarding resumes and interviewing, Moreno-Perine said.
Students can register for the workshops online at,she said.
“Workshops are offered every other week here at Main Campus as well as Montoya Campus. Students are encouraged to sign up. The workshops focus on resumes and interviewing,” Beth Moreno-Perine, Career Center Advisor said.
One of the valuable tips that the job connection services offers for instance, is if an interviewer asks about a student’s experience with something they have not learned, such as using a particular software, Moreno-Perine said bringing up knowing a similar skill or program can convey enthusiasm and initiative for learning new skills.
“We can adapt the questions to the type of job that the student will be interviewing for,” Moreno-Perine said.
If students are interested in a federal job, they can get a sample of a federal resume, and be able to learn about effective federal resumes, which can be long and detailed, she said.
When a student does find a job they are rewarded by the team at JCS by ringing a bell and have their picture taken for the center star-board that showcases a student or graduate, Moreno-Perine said.
D-Yanna Seonia, Pre-Health major came into the job connection services for help with her resume and for job leads. “I love that they are here to help me with any questions I might have, “ she said.
Donna Fastle, Career Center Advisor said, she is there to assist students whether they are in school and need a part time job, or if they are students that are close to finishing a degree and want to know how to get a job in their fields of study.
“Be confident, be persistent and be patient. Job Connect Services is out there to help students,” Fastle said.
D’Yanna Seonia, Pre-Health major who came into the job connection services for help with her resume said, “I love that they are here to help me.”
Former CNM student and accouting major, Kitar Chen said she came in to the Job Connection services for help with her resume.
“The staff is the best. They do everything they can to help me,” she said.The job connection service center offers help to students with all aspects of finding a job, Moreno-Perine said.
“We get to see someone no matter where they are at in their job search and a lot of times we have seen people come in very frequently sometimes daily,” Moreno-Perine said.
The job connect services can help students with cover letters, references and other services to help students or graduates search for jobs, she said.
“The good news is that even when students graduate they have a lifetime of free services no matter what happens in their academic world or in the work world”, Moreno-Perine said.
Job Connection Services is also planning a clothing exchange in December. Donations will be accepted after Thanksgiving.
Anna Watkins, Job Connection Services Manager said that a job fair is planned for Wednesday March 5, 2014 at the CNM Workforce Training Center from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Watkins said that one of the things she loves about her job is seeing students recognize their own brilliance, skills and talents.
“I have the most wonderful employees. They take measures to get better and to learn,” she said.

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