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Student Council Elections

By Hilary Broman, Staff Reporter Elections for nine open positions in the Executive Council of students will be held on Friday September 30, said Tisha Hudetz ECOS president. The open positions include: budget officer, administrative officer, satellite representatives for Montoya, South Valley and other campuses and 4 council members, […]

Lights, Camera, Degree

    By Wade Faast, Staff Reporter CNM now offers an associate’s degree in film technology for working in the TV and movie industries, CNM film instructor Jim Graebner said. The new Film Technology AAS degree is designed to get students ready for gainful employment in the motion picture […]

10 Ways to Conquer Stress

  By Hilary Broman, Staff Reporter Achievement coaches are actively working with students to help them reduce their stress levels and help them to see that there are healthy ways to manage stress, said Nicole Purkeypile, a CNM achievement coach. The following is a list that was presented by […]