Achievement coaches do care

Editorial, By the Chronicle Editorial Board

If a student has an issue with an instructor, is struggling to pay bills at home or just needs a little help to do better, the best place to get help with these issues is with individual department achieve¬ment coaches, who go above and beyond to help students to succeed.  Achievement coaches can help students with an array of issues, but most of all they help them to get through the issues that life can bring and can makes a student’s goals seem unattainable at times.  They not only help with schol¬arships such as the rust fund men¬tioned in The Rust Fund front page story, but if students are feeling trapped in a class or are not getting the help they need, an achievement coach can let students know their options, and what they can do to get past the difficulties that can occur while taking a tough class.  Sometimes it may feel as if the school, faculty or administra¬tion does not care about the needs of individual students, but these coaches are there for this exact reason, and after meeting with an achievement coach one might change their minds, because they have helped many students over-come their individual problems.  So, if students are feeling as if they are trying their best and are still struggling, there are always options here at CNM, and the Chronicle suggests going to see one of these achievement coaches in individual departments and see exactly what options there are, and take advantage of these great resources here at our school.

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