Hard work pays off

By The Chronicle Editorial Board

The Chronicle is a place where students can learn about journalism at a school that does not have a jour­nalism program, so it is truly amaz­ing that we have won fourth place in the Best of Show Competition at the National Associated Collegiate Press Convention in San Diego this last week on Sunday, March 2, 2014.

It is such a great experience for stu­dents to be able to go on trips and enter into competitions to see how CNM students measure up to other schools on a national level, and it is great that the school allows students to be able to learn from workshops taught from advisers throughout the country.

The Chronicle thanks the school, Student Allocation Board, and people who make advertisements in our paper, because if it was not for them, we would not have the opportunity to go to these eye-opening conventions that help us see how other schools operate their papers, and how we can learn how to improve the student run newspaper with each semester.

The Chronicle gets much criticism, sometimes it’s constructive and some­times it is not, so we feel that these competitions validate what it is that we are striving to accomplish, which is to consistently produce a quality newspa­per for our student and faculty readers.

We just hope that the school can recognize our achievements and give us improved support in our endeavors to better the paper, as well as to help us achieve the

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