Letter to the Editor regarding APD protests

What we are seeing is the chickens coming home to roost. In political science we call this a blowback. What we are seeing here is the murder of defenseless and troubled people by the APD and is what we do with our military and economic forces in countries around the world.

On the global level, the U.S. needs to step up the extraction of resources from abroad using economic sanctions, outright war and terroristic assassination with drones to bring about regime changes that will allow our corporations freedom to run the economies of the world.

Many of the APD it seems have been tools of this policy in our military service and are here carrying out the same shoot to kill methods. Like abroad, here they claim they are the victim and just had to defend themselves. Their killings are always justified in their eyes.

This is just what our national leaders have established on the larger level with the policy of pre-emptive war. We don’t see the cops shooting white collar, politicians and corporate CEO criminals up in the heights who have bankrupted the state and global economy do we? No. We are seeing state terrorism being unleaded to intimidate the poor and troubled people in the grassroots because at some point this has the potential to unite with the middle class in a large revolution. New Mexico and Albuquerque are full of military bases and research universities that live off quiet support for the principle that massive violence to support our corporations abroad is legitimate. It is no big jump for it to be accepted for domestic control too. Plus it keeps taxes low for the rich.

That is why we don’t see any institutional responses to APD terrorism. All the resistance is coming from people who are just one paycheck away from a job or in need of social services themselves that would require raising taxes on the corporations and wealthy. We are experiencing a real paradigm shift right now too. Domestically civilian policing methods are no longer able to cope with the growing unrest due to cutbacks of jobs, wages, and services.

Again, this is just like our corporations and military abroad who have not been able to meet the demands of the Arab Spring movement and the growing Asia countries for justice and equality, a fair economy. As a result there we are now involved in a large series of wars to suppress it. With the government’s recent suppression of our Occupy movement here at home there is a growing class consciousness growing.

A war between the haves and the have-nots is brewing everywhere and the rich know it and are preparing with agencies like the APD and the military. We need to be aware and fight for justice and equality even more.

Bob Anderson

Political Science Instructor

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