20 Degrees

By Nasia Jones

Staff Reporter

Students in the Art Career Concerns course at CNM are currently working on putting together their art for the upcoming art exhibition, 20 Degrees.

The exhibition is scheduled to be held from April 18 to April 27, said Fine Arts major Siv Limary.

4A preview of “Sorrows of Genesis” by S. Stearman, Fiber clay, wire, and acrylic paint.

There will also be a reception for the exhibition that will be held on Friday, April 20th from 6pm-8pm.

The exhibition will be located in the 5G North Gallery at Factory on 5th street, the address for the gallery is 1715 5th Street NW, said Limary.

The exhibition is free, but the only time that spectators can walk in and see the exhibition is on Friday April 20th during the reception, he said.

To view the art after the reception appointments must be scheduled with Staff Instructor Amy Rangel, he said.

2“Enjoying Coffee” by Siv Limary, Acrylic Paint/ Mixed media on wood.

Amy Rangel can be contacted by email at arangel2@cnm.edu

During the exhibition from April 18th through April 27th some of the student’s art work will be for sale, Limary said.  

There will be up to 20 students showcasing their artwork at the Exhibition.

There will be many different types of art such as acrylic painting, charcoal painting, sculptures, drawings, color pencil, and many more, he said.

The theme behind the art exhibition is to show that even with diversity in the world, art and a passion for being creative is what brought these 20 students together, said Limary.

Like many of the other students in the class, 20 Degrees will be Limary’s first ever art exhibition, he said.

“I am excited about it, because this exhibition is a reality check to see if your art is really presentable,” Limary said.

Picture1“Recreation of Carnage” by Jackie Montiel, water colored pencils on paper.

Each student in the class oversaw a different committee to give them a real-life experience of what it would entail to be an artist, said Limary.

The class started in January of 2018, but some students showing their work may be showing previous work, work they’ve been working on for years, or even work they’ve made just for this exhibition, he said.

“I think this is a great class because it balances the practicality of being an artist with your passion and find a more realistic view of the industry.”

For students that may be interested in the Art Career Concerns course for next semester the class code is ARTS2210.






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