All the colors of the rainbow at the 2014 Pride Parade

By Rene Thompson, Editor in Chief

Pride and all colors of the rainbow were abundant at the third largest parade in the state of New Mexico on Saturday, May 31, with floats and fairies as far the eye could see down Central Avenue.

Pridefest not only brings thousands of New Mexico resi­dents to Albuquerque to celebrate pride month each year, accord­ing to, but also has vendors, politicians, and local businesses in attendance that sup­port the LGBTQ community here in New Mexico.

Rey Garduno, City Councilman for the Nob Hill and International areas of district 6 said that the Pride parade not only brings locals together in a great way, but also brings a better understanding of the community.

Garduno, who was in the parade and at the post family pride event at Morningside Park, said that the best part of the parade for him is when people of all cultures and diversities come together and the sense of antici­pation in the crowd when the parade starts at Girard Boulevard.

“I think this is a good and easy non-confrontational way of learning about each other, so that’s one of the things I enjoy about it, and besides it’s a lot of fun,” Garduno said.

He said the community has started to understand why these types of events are important and why the community needs to get together to support everyone.

“Oh it’s wonderful. Every year I think that it not only grows, but that it gets better and people seem to have a sense of what it is and that they can learn about it, including myself,” Garduno said.

Former CNM student and Social services major, Dawn Shores said that she thought that the parade turned out very well this year and that her organi­zations float from the United Church of Christ stood out this year among the rest.

“They’re (United Church of Christ) open and affirming, and actually my partner and I are getting married there next week with the church,” Shores said.

Shores did also comment on the amount of corporations that were in attendance at the parade, when she said that the parade was a bit heavy on floats having noth­ing really to do with the LGBTQ community.

“There are too many corpo­rations that are getting in the parade and it’s just advertising for them— it’s great that they want to support the community, but they weren’t here 20 years ago,” she said.

Psychology major, Daniel Gonzales, who attended the parade with his family, said that it is important for families to support the community any way they can, and by coming to the parade it shows that the people of Albuquerque really do care about the LGBTQ community.

“It was awesome, I liked it all —I like the people, I like watch­ing the parade, I like the diversity, it’s just everyone supporting the people,” he said.

Gonzales and his wife were at the family pride event doing children’s face painting with his wife’s company, Luna Sirena face painting, and said that they both love to be an active part of the community.

“I support all kinds of rela­tionships; it’s not my business who someone wants to love,” Gonzales said.

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