Pride and equality for all

By the Chronicle Editorial Board

It is such a sad occasion that after a great event such as the Pride parade mentioned in the front page article called All the colors of the rainbow at the 2014 Pride Parade, that parade goers are still advised by event coordinators to be aware of one’s environment and to take appropriate precautions after a day at Pride, according to

People of any creed, race or sexual orientation should not have to be advised to look over their shoulders when gathering anywhere for any reason, and are just reminded of how far our society must still go in order to achieve true equality.

What was great about this year’s event though was that there were less protesters and they did not end up walking in the parade which had been the case in previous years, as only two people were protesting the parade’s beginning point at Girard Boulevard and Central Avenue.

No one should be forced to hear gay slurs or be told that god hates them, because everyone deserves to live their lives the way they want to, without judgment or ridicule for just being who they are in life.

Hopefully in the coming years of the parade there will be no one protesting the equality of LGBTQ individuals, because everyone is entitled to have the same rights as every other indi­vidual and should not be told how to live one’s life or who they should love.

It is also a brilliant idea that the CNM community recog­nizes that there is a need for help in the LGBTQ community with the new LGBTQ plus group, and that students here have a foundation and are supported by the school.

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