Universal Design Team commends CNM Chronicle

In response to Volume 20, Issue 6 ‘Exemplary instruction gives disabled students a fighting chance.’


To the Editor of the CNM Chronicle,

We, the leadership team of the Universal Design Team at CNM, wish to commend the CNM Chronicle reporters and editorial staff for their insightful story on how faculty at CNM support students with disabilities and the statement from the Editorial Board. The examples given in the story about the success of the student in Instructor Carol Martinez’ class demonstrates how powerful the principles of Universal Design can be in enhancing students’ learning experiences. Her creativity in designing learning objects shows us how incorporating the Universal Design Principles of “equitable use,” ”simple and intuitive,” and “perceptible information” can improve learning for all students in a chemistry classroom. We are glad that our fellow team member was willing to share her methods and that her student was given a voice in the article.

It is our hope that the CNM Chronicle continues to include examples of Universal Design in action in further issues.

Mark Cornett, Director

Disability Resource Center

Carol Martinez

Chemistry Faculty

School of Mathematics, Science and Engineering

Katherine Duquette,

Administrative Coordinator WTC

Paula Smith-Hawkins, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, CHSS

School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

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