We all might be living in a bubble in the future

By the Chronicle Editorial Board

Dubai officials have now proposed a $7 billion project to make the world’s first climate controlled community under a dome like covering, which will be a 50 million square foot community that will be sheltered from the harsh elements in the Arabian oasis, according to weburbanist.com.

This is the first concept of its kind that is actually being considered as a real project, and other countries could possibly take cue, as climate change is not going anywhere anytime soon, and is projected to get to the tipping point by 2020, according to huffingtonpost.com.

The massive structure will have 100 apartment buildings, dozens of hotels, medical facilities, a shopping mall, observation decks, the world’s tallest skyscraper and the world’s largest indoor amusement park; because that is how Dubai rolls, with epic and extravagant structures to show off to the rest of the world.

But what if there will come to a time when most large cities might require to have an area such as this for refuge from the ever-changing unpredictability that will come with the extreme weather of climate change, because it seems that the coming generations will have to do something in order to keep on surviving in the impending futuristic wasteland that is predicted to come.

Either way, this new idea for self-sufficient cities may become a huge power sucker, but could potentially save folks in the future from ever having to step foot outside in the elements again, and people could in fact start living under the dome, far from nature or the environment that is being destroyed in front of all our very own eyes.

At least there will be observation decks to watch the crumble of our environment in comfort of our climate con­trolled bubble, and never again will we have to care about the silly old environment that sustains the world and all our lives.

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