CNM Library Series: The Basics

By Senior Staff Reporter

Devonny Grajeda

The CNM libraries provides numerous resources that many students may not be aware of. Tiffany Tomchak, Event coordinator for the CNM libraries gave her insight on all the resources available to students and expressed her joy of wanting to help students. 

She said that the basics of what students can use at the library can be found at

“This one website I use a lot when teaching classes about library and it has a pretty good overview of various resources that the library offers as well as some tutorials on offering basic services,” she said.

When a student first starts off at CNM there is so much that they are learning for the first time, she said. 

Like how to just be in college, managing your time with classes, plus a possible part-time job, or family responsibilities she added. Those are a lot of demands on someones time and attention, she said. 

The library is a tool meant to help make it easier for students and make it so their getting the most out of their college experience, but she understands it can feel like it is just another thing that they have to pay attention to and learn even though they are already so tired, she said.

“We’re not here to increase your cognitive load or stress you out, we really are here to help. That’s really the main thing I would want students to know is if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, there is probably something in the library that can help,” said Ms. Tomchak.

Figuring out the interface of the library may feel like it can take a lot of extra time, but it will ultimately save you time because the content available is going to be more useful than other resources said Ms. Tomchak.

Also check out The Main Website for the Library

For other things that can be offered.

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