Financial aid, a three-ring circus

By the Chronicle Editorial Board

Getting through the FASFA process and attempting to get Financial Aid can be somewhat of a circus for some students.

What students have to understand is that the Financial Aid Department deals with close to 30,000 students, and many are having the same issues as you are right now.

So if you are having issues with Financial Aid and it is frustrat­ing the hell out of you, seek advice from other students in their experiences and dealings with the financial aid department and see how other students dealt with their issues, because chances are it is not as bad as it seems.

Sometimes it can just be a form missed during filing or information that was overlooked, and can be remedied with a quick appointment with a financial aid advisor.

Also, many students do not actually know that they can qual­ify for grants and scholarships without applying for student loans, and can even become work-study qualified without getting all that financial aid has to offer.

Right now there are more than 100 student work-study positions offered throughout all the seven CNM campuses, which offer an array of positions, including here at The CNM Chronicle.

Due to the firing freeze we are hiring for more than 10 positions in an assortment of positions, including staff reporter, ad sales, and distribu­tion (Please see our hiring ad on Page 2).

There are many opportunities to thrive here at CNM, and it may take some patience to get through the process, but there are many ways of acquiring funds here and the school knows we need those extra funds and will help students in getting them, you just have to know who will actually help.

So, to the people wondering if you qualify for financial aid or work-study, make an appointment with a Financial Aid Adviser at 224-3090.

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