(Summer) break the monotony

By the Chronicle Editorial Board

Before students get to binge watching on Netflix or catching up on video games and napping, students should take the time to get out in the world and seek something beyond their computer screens this coming break.

There really is so much one can do to subside the boredom that comes with having a couple weeks off, such as getting out into nature, and New Mexico has much of that to offer including the Sandia Mountains that are right in all of our backyards, to Cochiti Lake that is only 50 minutes away.

New Mexico has many breath-taking landscapes and surre­alistic camping sites far off the grid to choose from as well, that are all within an afternoon’s drive, so if this is the route you might want to take over the break, newmexico.org has a com­prehensive list of great places to choose from on their explore New Mexico page.

There are also an array things to do in the city, and taking the time to pamper oneself can do wonders when coming back for a grueling semester, such getting an inexpensive mani/pedi or massage, or just relaxing with family and friends at a bar-b-que.

Albuquerque is truly diverse when it comes to culture as well, and one could even have an art scavenger hunt with friends, go to the muse­ums in Burque, or go on a brewery and/or winery tour (with designated driver of course), as Albuquerque has a large assortment of home-brewed beers and wines accessible at an array of locations.

For more information on any of these suggestions, check out visital­buquerque.org/things-to-do.

Either way, find something that you can enjoy doing over the break besides catching up on what the internet or boob-tube has to offer, and seek out what New Mexico has to offer instead, which will help in actu­ally getting something out of having the time off, and will feel like your weeks off were not wasted away with trivial time suckers.

Sometimes it just takes someone saying we need to get out of here and do something in order for it to happen, so get out this break and have an adventure all your own, and gain some great memories with the people you love, so you can come back, hunker down, and be ready to get back to the grind of pursuing your dreams of a better education.

The Chronicle hopes everyone has a great break and relishes the rest of the summer season.

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