“The Voice of Slavery”

By Donald Seals
I once was a slave, but I’ll never be one again,
because ive learned how to think, and be proud of the
color of my skin.
I can remember the times when I walked with my
head towards the ground,
and I jumped with fear at every little sound
You never really knew me, so you
didn’t know I had a brain inside
and now you wonder why I’m so successful,
it’s because of the 400 years of thinking I
always had to hide.
I can’t even explain to you what
400 years of pain has done to me,
but I can tell you a million stories
of how good it feels to be free.
I don’t feel hate towards you, because
you were a slave inside of yourself,
So all the times you beat me was
because you didn’t know how to ask me for
I always use to wonder if I would
be better off inside of a grave,
Because I suffered the pains of
death everyday that I was a slave.
But I never gave up, and I continued
to help build this land,
and now everyone calls me Mr. President, and exslave,
and a Black Man.

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