Letter to the Editor: Watch the road, not the phone

This is something we all know we should not do but I still see so many people get in their car and pick up their phone then never put it down while they are driving. A lot of them are heading in the same direction I am which is usually to school at CNM or home after class. Driving while on their phone or texting. We can never say enough about this until a tragedy happens. If we can stop one person from doing this very bad habit of being on their phone or texting while driving we might be able to save someone from losing a life including their own. Once the tragedy happens you cannot turn back time. How difficult is it to just put the phone down in your purse, under the seat or in the back seat and just turn on some good music and focus on driving safely to school, work, or taking your kids to school. Multi-tasking was never meant to be done while driving. I hope when people read this someone will say to themselves, “You are right I need to put my phone away while driving before something very bad happens to me or to someone I might hit and injure or cause death too just because I was using my phone while driving and that was so much more important”. A safe driver should have steps to follow. How hard is it for someone to put the phone away before putting the key in the ignition? Thank you for thinking twice before operating a vehicle and using a phone at the same time. It is just not worth the loss of life. It is time to Wake Up! Habits can always be changed for the better. Thank you for listening.

Before you start your vehicle, pause all text/email/ social media. Arrive to your destination safely. #itcanwait

Sandra Knudsen

Concerned CNM Student

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