More than just pink

By Guadalupe Santos-Sanchez, Staff Reporter

The month of October is Breast Cancer awareness month but many people do not know that there are multiple types of awareness that also take place in the month of October, Director of the Student Health Center at CNM Marti Brittenham said.

Students should know that if they ever have any questions regarding any of the items on this list they can check in with the health center for any and all medical related issues, she said.

“The health center will help anyway we can even if it is just to direct a student in the right direction”, she said.

The following is a list of other awareness that take place in the month of October along with a little information about each one which was provided by Marti Brittenham

  • Down Syndrome Awareness

Down syndrome is a genetic malformation that causes mental retardation, heart malformations, and other maladies.

While it can happen in any pregnancy, it is more likely to occur to women who become pregnant after the age of 35.

  • Infertility Awareness

Infertility is a situation when a couple is unable to have a baby together. Either one of the people in the relationship may be infertile and unable to cause a pregnancy.

  • Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic violence is when one or more of the people in a household or in a relationship beats up another member of the household. It also can be when one member of a relationship intimidates, stalks, or otherwise causes the other member of the household. This is treated as a crime.

  • Lupus Erythematosus Awareness

Lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease. It can be a mild disease that only causes a rash on the face or it can be a serious long-term illness.

  • Spina Bifida Awareness

Spina Bifida is a birth defect where the spinal bones don’t completely fuse over the spinal column. It can be fairly small or it can cause the child not to be able to walk.

  • Rett Syndrome Awareness

Rett Syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder that occurs almost entirely in girls. A baby is born and seems to be developing normally, but then the development slows down and the child loses the ability to effectively use their hands and may not be able to speak. This is a rare syndrome which was only recognized in 1966.

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Awareness

Sudden infant death syndrome is when a younger baby dies suddenly of no apparent cause.

  • Blindness Awareness is worldwide in October.

National Mental Illness Awareness week is Oct. 5 – 11 this year.

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