Changes are coming in Fall 2015 | CNM classes set to transition to a new finals week schedule

By Whitney Oliphant, Copy Editor/Staff Reporter

Beginning Fall of 2015 all CNM schools will switch to have 15- week spring and 15- week summer terms, according to Vice President of Academic Affaires Sydney Gunthorpe.

The change will eliminate the 16th week in the School of Communication, Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) and the School of Math, Science, and Engineering (MSE), he said.

The 16th week in these two schools was used to administer finals in the past, he said.

The other four schools of CNM; School of Adult and General Education, School of Applied Technologies, School of Business and Information Technology, and the School of Health, Wellness and Public Safety have always been 15 weeks and never had a so called finals week, he said.

With the new change all three terms which include; Fall, Spring and Summer, will have finals administered on the last day of class Gunthorpe said.

This will eliminate the need for the 16th week and create a shorter term, he said.

The decision to make the change was made by a scheduling committee several years ago after they spent months studying the situation and they determined that it would be best to have consistency throughout the whole year, he said.

Having a consistent beginning and end date for all courses makes it easier for students to balance their work, school and home life, Gunthorpe said.

“We’ve heard concerns from students who had to adjust their work and personal lives to meet the finals week schedule. We are hoping this change improves their ability to balance all the challenges to their lives,” he said.

If students have any questions regarding the changes being made they can call CNM at 505-224-3000.

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