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By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter The Career Enrichment Center is a school where students are able to gain college credit and experience the college atmosphere while attending high school, said Carlos Corona, Phlebotomy major. The teachers are better at their jobs than what is often found at a conventional public […]

Stop the Stress

By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter The clinical therapists for CNM Main Campus gets many students dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression, said Merry Guild, CNM clinical therapist. Anxiety and depression are like the basic colds of mental health, she said. They see a lot of students that are dealing […]

Recycling Made Easy

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter Single-stream recycling has made its way to CNM and is a way to streamline the recycling process so that all recyclable materials can be placed into the same bin, according to CNM. This means that only one recycling bin is needed, instead of multiple […]

CNM’s Fall Fesival

By Stephanie Stuckey Staff Reporter CNM’s first fall festival was held at three different CNM campuses: Main, Montoya, and the Westside from October 26-28. Student events and program manager Libby Fatta said that the festival was made possible through the efforts of the Engagement Task Team which is […]