Poetry Contest Winners

The CNM Chronicle is pleased to present the winner and honorable mentions of the student poetry contest that was held from June 23 through July 17, 2015.

First place

  • Dream Voices

 By Kelly McCall
In my dreams I see few things

that can ever be explained.

In my thoughts I’ve learned to deal,

with all that once remained.

In my dreams I hear voices

that sometimes causes alarm.

But in those dreams I appear

to end up on some strange farm.

I awake to find myself

walking right into the door.

Bouncing back I hear a thump.

It’s just me hitting the floor.

Seeing birds I drift asleep

to find myself wondering.

Floating ‘round marshmallow fields

that seem to be thundering.

Music plays, I dance the waltz

with a stranger at my side.

It’s hard to move to the tune

‘cause our feet are jointly tied.

Realizing it’s my alarm

that’s causing this strange image.

I get up, off my bed

and head off to my scrimmage.

Honorable Mentions:

  • The Hypocrite

By Anthony Garcia
In time forgotten is despair

The memory of a man,

taught to realize all is fair.

His life lived as a fool,

But remembered as a man who,

Tried his hardest to stay clean and cool.

Took time to teach the dangers of drugs and liquor,

While living with the effects that caused pain and bicker.

He preached to his listeners, do not do the same

Or feel its humility and shame.

Life treated him rough and unfair

He lived with love and care.

Life gracefully flowed with ease and humble.

Desires crushed needs and served up his demise

Heavy weight forced his crumble.

With each fall, he rose and started over

Repeated cycle over with no change.

Work and fight in attempt to push forward

Only to cheat death and keep the end in range.

His story reminds of pain and suffering

Takes its toll by whom he is remembered.

Those who listened fought and taught

The ideas and love he carried.

Heroic was his brilliant triumph of his soul

Defeated and fearless ever did it grow

Dazzling and glorious his concentration of courage.

His strong heart consumed by untamed rage

Peacefully he rests beside his spirit

One he let slip at young age.

A hypocrite he was called

One who lived opposite he preached

Though a hero to lives he touched.

Over time tears had shed

Only to be covered by happiness he spread.

His memory lives in those hearts

Remembered a tale that is sleeping and not dead.

  • How to let them know…

By Anthony Garcia
How do you show that forever, you will be there

As their voice fills the air like the humming of a beautiful bird

How do you let someone know how you feel?

Choosing the right words to show you care

Maybe it’s telling them the beauty they hold

Is like a candle, whose flame burns

With a pain so good, you feel it everywhere

Or maybe it’s telling them their eyes glisten

So much the room lights up so bright

And their smile makes you stop and listen

Maybe it’s simply telling them you will care

As long as they extend their heart

And let you take them as your queen

With every fiber of your being

  • Nothing Left

By Katrina Keller

One night it all
came back,

The memories attacked

All the feeling
rushing back

Fight it I must

(But that it’s not my way)

So instead

On with the mask

To hide the feelings that
I am being attacked by

Not wanting to be asked


Not wanting to answer

All the questions that

Will becoming

I hide everything inside

Burring all the feelings

Far away that they will

(Never ever come back)

In the darkness

And way it goes

Little do you know,

That day by day

All of the feelings starts

Eating me up

The inside out

Until there is
nothing left

Of me

Expected a person
who knows


What to feel

And how to act

That will be me


Nothing left

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