Five CNM Clubs that you’ll want to know about!

By Hilary Broman

Senior Staff Reporter

CNM offers many different clubs. However, with a student body of over 25,000 students it can be difficult to stay in the loop.

Not all of the clubs that are available at CNM are listed on the CNM website so we at the Chronicle researched to find new clubs that students might not be aware of.

Listed below is a list of CNM clubs accepting members this semester.

Club: Sunflare Photography Club

Photo Club 1
The Sunflare photography club taking a picture of club president, Hannah Choy,
while she takes a photo of them.

When and where: From 3:00pm-5:00pm on most Fridays at 4501 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 unless stated otherwise. Club meetings are announced via Facebook and email.

Club activities: The club goes to different locations such as Oldtown, Downtown Albuquerque, and the Bio Park to take photos. Sometimes they go out to eat and visit photo galleries, said club president, Hannah Choy.

Photo Club 2
Shot by Hannah Choy during one of the Sunflare’s photo walk in Oldtown.

Why students should join: “Students should join because our club is a good place to learn and practice photography skills, to make more experiences to put on resumes, to learn teamwork, to get networking opportunities, to gain leadership and to have lots of fun,” Choy said.

Contact information: Students interested in joining can contact Hannah Choy at

Club: Executive Council of Students (Student Government)

When and where: 4:00pm-6:00pm on Fridays at the ECOS office, BT3-b. (The portables near Trio and Taxhelp in the bookstore parking lot).

Club activities: The Executive Council of Students goals are to increase CNM’s sense community, provide opportunities for CNM students, provide fair representation of all students and bring those issues to the CNM administration, and to help distribute information about CNM to the students, said Council President, Jimmy Thompson.

Thompson is also hoping to provoke enough interest to support a CNMpics (CNM olympics) to host a series of events that are athletic, fun and all inclusive, he said.

Why students should join: Students should join because it not only increases one’s sense of community at CNM but it ensures a sense of community for everyone, Thompson said.

“ECOS works to represent the entire student body, no matter how small or diverse a population may be.  The greater participation we have will result in a more varied governing body with a more extensive direct outreach to the student body and all persons on campus in general,” he said.

Contact information: Students who are interested in joining the Executive Council of students ca contact Jimmy Thompson at

Club: Anthropology Club

Anthropology Club
Chandra Germain examining a Neanderthal skull at one of the
Anthropology Club’s meet and greet events.

When and where: Noon on the first Friday of each month in the Main campus cafeteria. The first meeting of the semester will be on Friday, October 6th.

Club activities: In the past the Anthropology club has held Meet & Greet events, participated in the Westside Fall Festival and College Days, attended conferences, organized field trips and demonstrations, created campus displays, held fundraisers, and provided community service, said Sue Ruth, Anthropology instructor.

Why students should join: “Students should join if they have an interest in anthropology and want to get more involved at CNM”, Ruth said.

Contact information: Students interested in joining can contact Sue Ruth at

Students can also visit the CNM Anthropology Facebook page and click the “join group” button to get updates on events related to the club.

Club: Phi Theta Kappa


When and where: The upcoming general meeting is scheduled to take place on October 17. The upcoming officer meeting is scheduled to take place on October 4th at 2:00pm. PTK members also volunteer with East Gate Church food pantry on the first Saturday of every month.

Why students should join: The benefits of being a PTK member include; being able to apply for transfer scholarships and academic scholarships in their majors, having an opportunity to participate and lead community service initiatives, having the opportunity to fulfill leadership positions, and being able to study topics which relate to local community and how it relates to the student’s own personal professional life.

Contact information: For more information, students can contact the public relation officer Frozan Popal at or the PTK student’s president Brittiana Padilla at

Club: Art Club

Art Club
Art Club flier. Jennifer Woehrle is the newly elected club president.

When and where: 4:30pm every Friday in room N12 on Main Campus

Club activities: We host workshops centering on various mediums and practices of art, anything from figure drawing to linocut printmaking, said the art club president Jennifer Woehrle.

Why students should join: Students should join if they are interested in art, or just in learning something new, Woehrle said.

Contact information: Students can join by showing up on a day that the club meets or they can email the art club president Jennifer Woehrle at, or the art club vice president Carolina Kessler-Cocina


If these clubs don’t interest you, check out our summer club story here or check out the list of clubs on the CNM website.

If your perfect club doesn’t exist yet, create it! Click here for more information.











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