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Dshawal Oluwakoya

Staff Reporter

According to CNM bookstore staff Ann Heaton the main campus bookstore is active and open Monday through Friday from 9am to 3pm via the side window.

Even when the bookstore is not open, Heaton said bookstore staff is still active, working behind the scenes to get things done.

CNM Bookstore, open Summer 2020 Monday through Friday 9am-3pm via side window

“Opening up the bookstore did mean we had to face a few challenges but nothing serious, everyone was excited and ready to go. We have also taken measures to ensure we follow the necessary social distancing guidelines as we require that all students and staff stand at least 6 feet apart in the queues, with their face masks on,” she said.

Heaton said that there are barriers in place between student and staff as well as protective gear made available for purchase for students without those items, all to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

”We do provide delivery services on most items ranging from 4 to 7 business days,” she said. “All you need is your student ID and an online payment method.”

However, for school supplies that were purchased along with course registration students will be required to go to the main campus library with their student ID, she said.

Heaton said that bookstore staff is trying to make the student experience of purchasing school supplies as pleasant as possible considering the on-going pandemic.

“We understand the challenges students face and we are always ready to help,” said Heaton.

Architecture student Brittney Nast said that getting school supplies was a little frustrating because she found it confusing and wasn’t sure if she was getting the right thing or what she needed.

Nast said that it depends on the time students go to the bookstore, that when she went on Wednesday there was a long line under the sun.

Remedying the mistake wasn’t difficult: “I ended up getting the wrong supplies and had to go back to get the right ones. The lady was nice. She asked for my student ID and course number, and even when I came back to return what I got she was really understanding about it,” said Nast.

Brandon Garcia, an architecture student, said that his experience was normal and that he had no problems.

“I went very early to get my supplies. I made sure to call ahead to inform them that I was coming on Tuesday,” he said. “I didn’t have a queue. I got there really early, no one else was there. The only thing I was worried about was parking.”

When Garcia arrived, the doors were closed and after he called again, staff informed him that he had to go to the window.

Professor David Miertschin with the CNM science department said that some of his students had to go to the bookstore to collect the necessary course materials for online learning.

“Some of the students don’t know what to do,” he said. “Some of them don’t have transportation, some are in another state.” Miertschin said that he feels that it is part of his job to help the students as much as possible and to inform them of what they need.

“My students know how to reach me quickly if they have any questions,” he said.

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