Leonardo magazine

Staff reporter 

Joshua Duvall-Houston

Staff reporter

Robert Slevin

Leonardo magazine is a student art and literature magazine that publishes CNM students, short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, visual arts, and essays, said student editor Isabella Zamarchi.

Students can enter submissions on the webpage, which is leonardomag.com, and you have to be a current CNM student to submit your work to the magazine, she said. 

Students and faculty can get copies of the magazine by going to on campus libraries, where there will be current issues or accesses all past issues going back to 2012 on the website, she said. 

It is important to Leonardo staff to promote the work of young artists and student writers and to give them the opportunity to get experience submitting their work, said Zamarchi. 

“We believe that art pushes boundaries and can spur personal change and growth in the larger community; it’s a way to open people’s minds, push the limits, expand consciousness, and draw attention to issues within our society,” she said. 

Leonardo is published once a year in April, said Zamarchi. 

Every April, there is a release party where students can read their work, talk with other writers, and build the community a little bit; all CNM students and faculty are welcome to attend, she said. 

There are also poetry nights that happen twice a year, one before publication and one after. The one after is to highlight the people who got published, said Zamarchi. 

The magazine has been in print since 1991, so 32 years, she said.

Leonardo is very loosely affiliated with CNM so it is not advertised or accessible through the CNM website, said Zamarchi. 

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