ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL | Upcoming community event

ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL will be coming to town on their crazy, one-of-a-kind, traveling tour to the National Hispanic Cultural Center on August 27th at 7:30PM – tickets are available now at

The film is a live event experience, with pre-show acts, the movie screening and a post-show Q&A with filmmakers and talent. Emilie Autumn and Marc Senter from the cast are set to attend.

SYNOPSIS: After triumphant collaborations on 2008’s REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA and 2012’s THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL: EPISODE ONE, cult filmmakers Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrance Zdunich are back with the second installment to their fantasy-musical film franchise. In ALLELUIA! THE DEVIL’S CARNIVAL, Lucifer sets a plot in motion against Heaven and all hell breaks loose.


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