TRIO helps students succeed

By Whitney Oliphant, Staff Reporter

TRIO hopes to have a new program that will allow them to set up TRIO services for students at CNM Montoya campus, said achievement coach, Rob Carriaga.

They were awarded the opportunity for the new program a few months ago and hope to have it up and running by November or December of this year said, Carriaga.

The new program will allow an additional 140 students to be a part of TRIO, Carriaga said.

TRIO is a program designed to help first generation or low income students succeed and aid in their transfer to a four year institution, Carriaga said.

Some of the support services that TRIO offers include: one-on-one tutoring, career and academic coaching, a private computer lab and a study area in the TRIO building, Carriaga said.

If students would like to be a part of TRIO they must apply and meet at least one of the following requirements: be a first generation college student, be a part of a low-income eligible family, or have a documented disability, said Magda Martinez-Baca, director of TRIO Student Support Services.

To submit an application students can go online to and click on the TRIO application link.

The new program will try and mirror the one on Main Campus but at Montoya campus they will  offer additional tutoring in biology and chemistry, Martinez-Baca said.

“Once you’re in TRIO, you stay in TRIO” said, Carriaga.

Students don’t have to continually reapply to stay a part of TRIO, Carriaga said.

The TRIO staff is there to help guide students through deadlines and help students make the transition process to a four year institution go more smoothly, said the TRIO staff.

Some other services TRIO offers include walkabouts, time management workshops, and help in finding and applying for scholarships.

Jimi Sanchez, TRIO tutor, holds walkabouts for TRIO students and takes groups of 5 or 6 to UNM to tour the campus.

On the walkabouts Sanchez also ensures that each student knows the specific buildings that they will be attending classes in, he said.

“We ask what our students’ needs are and how we can help them meet that objective,” Sanchez said.

Workshops that are available to all CNM students can be found on the CNM events calendar, Martinez-Baca said.

The TRIO staff is there to help students succeed, Sanchez said.

“We are going to work with that individual and troubleshoot with them,” Martinez-Baca said.

For more information on TRIO call (505)-224-4375.

To submit an application to become a part of TRIO visit and click on the blue link that says TRIO Application.

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