Get Fit and Win

By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

HealthyWage is a program where people can compete for prices while losing weight at the same time in order to improve their long term decision making skills, said David Roddenberry co-founder of HealthyWage.

The program is set up to make weight loss fun and easy for staff and their families, he said.

All staff members and families are welcome to join this event, he said.

This includes staff from UNM, CNM, and APS, he said.

“Our goal is to help people with their long term healthy living”, Roddenberry said.

Daniel Tena, Chemistry major, said the price is $20 every month for a total of $60, but they ask for $75 during sign up, but people usually get much more than they initially invest.

The rules are that people must lose six percent of their bodyweight and form a team of three to five people in order to win, he said.

It is possible for each member with in a team to win a part of the prize, he said.

The prize is whatever money is put in by the participants after HealthyWise takes a 20 percent cut, he said.

The first step of the program is to weigh in and there are multiple options for that, said Tena.

One way is to make a thirty second video in your house and submit it in or you can make other arrangements, said Tena.

Roddenberry said, different resources are provided for those who choose to join the program,.

These include a nutritionists and a coach to help people on their progress to a healthier life, said Roddenberry.

The atmosphere is child friendly and people are welcome to bring their children, said Roddenberry.

The company is in its seventh year and has worked with more than 600 clients, said Roddenberry.

About 40 percent of clients have succeed the six percent weight loss goal, said Roddenberry.

The 12 week program consists of four weeks of nutrition, four weeks of physical activity, and four weeks of more focused weight loss, said Roddenberry.

Another resource that can be used are videos online that clients can watch in order to help them with their weight loss program, said Roddenberry.

There are other programs that assist with weight loss for individuals that do not qualify for this specific program, said Roddenberry.

“People who attend this program usually continue their weight loss journey thanks to the competition, the friendships established, and their pride”, said Roddenberry.

The team is the most important component to this program, said Roddenberry.

This is the same program for everyone and all weight classes have the same chance of achieving their goals, said Roddenberry.

The overall goal is to help people make better decisions and help people live healthier lives, said Roddenberry.

Tena said, after a team wins the price gets split up between the participants.

“There are a lot of fun workouts to do and everyone is so nice”, said Tena

If a person does not have a group to join with the program will provide you with a team to join, it is a very nice way to meet new people, said Tena.




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