Editorial: The time is NOW to be a Cheap Skate


According to a Georgetown University study on Education and the Workforce, it was found that more than 70 percent of college students have worked while attending school over the past 25 years.

It is obvious that students need to work to cover living expenses.

The second you are financially responsible for yourself, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is outrageously expensive.

That pair of jeans for $39.99 is suddenly absurd. Gas prices are your new go-to conversation starter (they are at an all-time low right now, thank god).

The point is college students fresh from high school are newborns when it comes to handling personal finances.

The one thing that you will be guaranteed to do for the majority of your life is handle your personal finances and that is one thing we are not required to learn before we venture off into the world.

Besides, a budget excel worksheet and coupons are for old geezers…right?


That is exactly what college students need. Society may push for you to have the latest iPhone or that new Prada handbag but most students cannot afford it!

The average college student is expected to graduate with an estimated debt of $18,969 in New Mexico according to the Institute for College Access and Success.

Numbers don’t lie. Keeping up with the Joneses will not get you a 4.0 GPA or help fill in the extracurricular activities box on that scholarship application.

Keep up with your finances and create a cheap skate mindset.

How can a student do this?

Google it. Seriously, there are so many blogs and articles about how to save money and how to create a budget.

The mindset is the seed to plant before you start your research on how to be the ultimate cheap skate.

Now, some words of advice:

Do not purchase your book before your first class. Some professors do not even use the textbook.

Last semester my biology professor gave us an alternative textbook, a free pdf download.

Do not purchase the book from the CNM bookstore.

Sorry CNM, but this is just a no-no in my book. Unless it is an access code.

Look at bulletin boards for used books for sale, online, and book rental sites.

Always compare prices from different resources.

It will take time, but remember that time will save you money.

Do not buy new clothes for college.

You stopped growing and if you are not in need of new clothes do not buy any.

Sell your used books.

Please take advantage of free tutoring that CNM has to offer.

If you need a scantron the Connect Services desk will give you one.

Cheap skating is the new hype, all the stable kids are doing it.

-Lalydia Belone, Psychology major

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