Book Review: Cash Your Investmen

By Guadalupe Santos-Sanchez, Managing Editor

No matter what stage of education a student is at, they will undoubtedly need to start looking for a job after graduation.

So, it is never too early to go about learning how to do that, and with S.A. Eberwein’s novel, Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree into a Great First Job, students can get a nice head start.

Cash Your Investment sets out advice on preparing for and securing a dream job in five chapters filled with many pointers and many real life experiences.

Eberwein makes sure to start off the first chapter on advising the reader to “master their mind.”

In fact, Eberwein said he hopes that readers realize how much control of their futures they actually have.

“Sure, a great résumé certainly doesn’t hurt, but belief in yourself can go a long way,” he said.

The rest of the chapter is a briefing of the content of the following chapters.

Second chapter of the book breaks down the importance of having a mentor and the qualities that a mentor is preferable with.

The largest portion of the book is the third chapter, which itself is broken down into seven subsections about searching for a job, which resources to use, and how to capitalize on opportunities that the student does get.

And the last two chapters go more into detail about interviewing and résumés, with chapter five including Eberwein’s progress on his résumés.

The writing style and many of the terms used by the author may get excessive at times, but a reader can see that as emphasis or look past it to find that the book really does contain a lot of good advice and practically outlines a plan for job hunting and finding.

Eberwein said he wanted to create a job search resource with advice that is supplemented with real life examples, and he appears to have achieved that.

Cash Your Investment could have been an easier read with an informal style or different vocabulary, but it is worth it for the reader to endure reading a more formal writing style in order to receive such advice.

Although Eberwein writes throughout the book a bit more specifically about corporate jobs, his advice can be applied to other areas.

Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree into a Great First Job was released January 25, 2016 by Brown Books Publishing and is available on Amazon and some bookstores for an average price of $19.95.

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