Cuts, Scrapes, & Bruises | President Winograd discusses plans to handle upcoming budget cuts


By Edgar Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

CNM will cut 100 jobs from vacant positions and retirees in order to save some jobs for the members of our staff, said CNM President, Dr. Katharine W. Winograd.

CNM will not stop hiring and CNM will protect staff as much as possible, she said.

Although, right now CNM is not hiring much, she said.

CNM cannot just stop hiring because it will have negative results for everyone at the school, she said.

No reduction or cut of pay will be established for the staff that remains at CNM, she said.

There might be a small increase in tuition for CNM students, Winograd said.

CNM is experiencing budget cuts made by the state, so CNM is coming up with new and innovative ideas to help students and protect staff to the best of CNM’s ability, she said.

CNM has already been implementing ideas like using a centralized network for heating on its buildings, she said.

Budgeting is very complicated so it will take some time in order to fix the troubles facing CNM right now, she said.

Unfortunately, when gas prices drop it is good for students but bad for the schools as a whole by bringing less money to the states, she said.

It is volatile that CNM make decisions for this year and the next year in order to improve the economic situation of CNM, she said.

CNM is doing everything possible to save a many jobs as possible, she said.

Cutting people from their work is very hard, she said.

Since there was a cut in the budget there are some things that CNM has in mind in order to save money, Winograd said.

This budget problem is much more difficult than the ones CNM has had in the past, she said.

In 2008, the budget had dropped but admissions for CNM where rising so the extra income helped soften the blow, she said.

Part of the bond election that recently passed could also be used in order to help get the budget adjusted accordingly, she said.

CNM is a very big institute so there is no one magical fix or one simple answer in order to fix the budget problems CNM is facing, she said.

CNM is in the midst of starting a global program which will increase student admission and attendance from all over the world, she said.

Energy reduction and better use of resources will help CNM save some money like the way CNM goes about printing, she said.

CNM will also try to utilize students in a better way, she said.

Take tutoring for example, CNM has the ability to use students as tutors and maybe even train them to be professional tutors, she said.

Montoya campus has already implemented the change of having student tutoring, she said.

One thing that will change is when a position opens up, a student cannot just fill it, CNM is working on utilizing its resources such as students in a more efficient manner, she said.

CNM will protect services for students but will utilize technology available in order to help the fluidity of work that is done, she said.

CNM wants to continue increasing opportunities for all students, she said.

Using the cafeteria to gain profit failed since it was losing revenue and in order to receive some kind of profit, the quality of the food was getting into a bad place which is a common trend for most restaurants and other food establishments, she said.

Also, CNM cannot simply use the students in the culinary program to run the cafeteria for profit given state laws and how they are enforced, she said.

One of our ideas is to utilize technology on all in order to help students and help CNM on its budget troubles, Winograd said.

By utilizing more tech, there will be less people but that has its advantages, she said.

Online classes come to mind when saving money, but they happen to be just as expensive as having a regular class located on a campus, she said.

Online classes do offer a luxury with out of state students since they must pay the out of state tuition which helps CNM during this budget crisis, she said.

Moving classes is not probable since the only time CNM has done this is to improve parking on the campuses, she said.

The one thing that CNM is taking under consideration is to limit the amount of classes on certain campuses for certain programs, instead of having two classes for one program on two different campuses, it will only be on one campus, she said.

Opening times might get rearranged since some campuses lack student activity during some days such as Saturdays or late classes, she said.

CNM is not planning to completely cut any extracurricular classes out, she said.

CNM agreed on adding some new programs like the new brewing program coming this fall in order to increase opportunities for students and make their collegiate experience a good one, she said.

Advertisement is also chosen very carefully in order to increase awareness without wasting too much money, she said.

CNM might have to do a lot of switching around during the next 5 years, she said.

“One thing that makes me uncomfortable is when leaders say that something will stop completely because it is not plausible. We will face the challenge head on and move into the storm because CNM will come out better on the other side,” she said.

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