Student Submissions: Poetry

Young lady

By Dolores Newkirk

hold your head

don’t fret

it is ok

don’t be afraid

for fear

holds you in chains

and taking steps

may be hard

stand up

let the inner

strength shine

keeping you strong

even while weak

sing a song

for there lies

golden dreams

roads unseen


as bright sunlight

to be exposed

at the morning dawn


Looking Out

By Dolores Newkirk


Rest on the ledge

Listen to the sound

Find the quiet

Hear your heart

Violin rhythm

Tones abound

Soaring words

Show moments

Open your ears

Take it all in

For today is gone

Tomorrow will come






Living Words

By Dolores Newkirk


Like a whirling wind throwing about everything

Scattered thoughts are lost

Just as the clouds darken

All is here and there

Gone tomorrow





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