CNM Library Series: Laptops

By Senior Staff Reporter

Devonny Grajeda

Event Coordinator for CNM Libraries, Tiffany Tomchak wants all students to know that they are allowed to check out laptops from the library as needed and for free.

There is a kiosk or what could be called a little vending machine that has a barcode scanner and a touch screen, she said.

Students can use their student ID and scan it, which will then cause the machine to register a laptop to them and it will then be ejected out to the students, she said.

The checkout period is either 3 hours or 15 minutes before the library closes whichever comes first since it is not permitted to keep them over night, she said.

Once a student is done with them they can slip them back into the machine and they are all set, she said.

The kiosk locations consist of two at main campus SRC holding 18 between the two of them.

For locations at other campuses please check in with library staff on those campuses, she said.

This is only one of the many resources the CNM library offers, stay tuned to hear what other resources the CNM library offers that could potentially help you at during your CNM career!

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